About Us

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What We Offer

At Alpha International Transport (AI Transport), we are more than a freight brokerage firm – we are your dedicated partners in providing seamless, eco-friendly, and reliable logistical solutions. 

 Founded in 2021 as a family-owned enterprise, our mission is to bolster the green logistics industry, ensuring that your cargo is not only delivered safely and promptly but also with the minimum environmental footprint. 

 Comprehensive Logistic Services: 

We offer a full spectrum of logistical services throughout the entire contiguous United States. Whether your shipment requires dry or temperature-controlled environments, AI Transport ensures the utmost care and efficiency in handling your cargo. 

 Eco-Friendly Solutions: 

Committed to sustainability, AI Transport is at the forefront of eco-friendly freight transport solutions. By choosing us, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable planet, aligning your shipping needs with care for the environment. 

 Competitive Pricing: 

Enjoy high-quality service without breaking the bank. At AI Transport, we prioritize offering competitive pricing to ensure that outstanding logistic solutions are accessible to all our clients. 

 Constant Communication: 

We understand the significance of clear, round-the-clock communication. Our dedicated team is always available to provide updates, address concerns, and ensure that you are always in the loop regarding your shipments. 

 Speed and Reliability: 

Time is of the essence in the logistics industry. Trust AI Transport to prioritize the swift and reliable nationwide delivery of your cargo, ensuring it reaches its destination as scheduled. 

 A Trusted Partner: 

AI Transport is more than a service provider; we are a trusted partner. Working closely with both shippers and carriers, we facilitate transportation needs with a personal touch, ensuring your utmost satisfaction in every transaction.

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Our Mission

At Alpha, we believe in more than just success – we believe in significance. Our three pillars of success – Service, Cause, and Profit – guide every decision we make. Service is our compass, ensuring that every cargo journey is a testament to superior customer service and on-time efficiency. Our commitment to a greater Cause underscores our core purpose: to provide career opportunities and support to those with special needs, to pave the way for brighter futures and reduced recidivism while intentionally promoting women in leadership roles. And yes, Profit sustains us, allowing us to continue creating ripples of positive change throughout the industry. 

 Adopting Your Business as Our Own 

 Our value proposition isn’t just a tagline – it’s a promise. We don’t just manage cargo; we adopt your business as our own. Your goals, your challenges, your aspirations – they become ours. This unique approach transforms the logistics experience from transactional to transformational, ensuring a partnership that grows beyond the journey itself.

We provide a professional brokerage service with a superior shipping experience that aims to accommodate both the shippers and carriers cargo transportation needs. 

 Empowerment Through Impact 

 At the core of Alpha International Transport lies a driving force: to ignite a greater impact on society. Our vision extends beyond shipping lanes and supply chains; it’s about creating career pathways and empowering individuals with special needs, fostering an environment that reduces recidivism, and embracing women in leadership roles. Our community impact isn’t a byproduct – it’s our driving force.


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