Become a Carrier

For Alpha International Transport
Thank you for your interest

In partnering with Alpha International Transport (“AI Transport”). Our goal is to provide our carriers with lanes at competitive rates and an assurance of financial accountability. Whether you are a large fleet company or a single owner operator, we understand that a strong relationship with our carriers is critical to our success.

That is why at Alpha International Transport we value and treat each and every one of our carriers with integrity and respect. We are a trusted firm committed to our carrier’s safety and we follow the highest compliance standards of the FMCSA. We strive to recruit and keep qualified carriers that will exemplify our company’s mission. We take pride in the relationship we have built with our carrier partners.

Payment Options

AI Transport offers three payment options for its Carrier’s convenience. All payment options require the carrier to submit a Carrier Invoice, Signed Original Bill of Lading and any other document the Shipper requires (such as scale tickets, valid lumper receipts, etc.) (“Billing Documentation”).

Check will be issued within 21-30 days of AIT receiving the Billing Documentation.

A 3% discount will be deducted from the gross truck rate. Check will be issued within 5 day of AIT receiving the Bill Documentation.

A 5% discount will be deducted from the gross truck rate. A comcheck will be issued 1 day after AIT receives the Billing Documentation.

Advance Policy: A 2% discount fee from the gross truck rate will apply on all advances, up to 40% of the gross rate.