Standard Dry Freight

Dry Van Road Transport 

Discover the highway’s most ubiquitous traveler: the 53′ dry van, an emblem of the road. These trailers resemble secure treasure chests, designed to enfold an array of cargo with utmost safety. Embracing up to 45,000 lbs, each trailer transforms into the bedrock of hauling, the quintessential emblem of moving non-perishable goods. Whether embarking on local hauls or over-the-road journeys, dry vans are the choice to move full truckloads.

Unlike the bare-opened flatbed, exposing its cargo to the elements, dry vans cloak their contents, safeguarding them within sealed fortresses. Rain or shine, the treasures remain unperturbed, warding off thieving hands and the changing of weather. While refrigerated trailers cosset their cargo with controlled climates, dry vans cater to sturdier fare, impervious to temperature’s whims.

53" truck driving

In the realm of economics, dry van reigns supreme, its rates more approachable than the frosty alternatives. A perfect way to transport general cargo, it’s a testament to cost-effectiveness. The allure of versatility perpetually fuels demand, endowing dry van trailers with a perpetually sought-after status.

For our shipping partners looking for dependable, adaptable dry van capacity, your quest finds fulfillment in Alpha International Transport. Look no further, for your cargo’s chariot awaits.

Discover how Alpha International Transport’s versatile and dependable dry van capacity serves a multitude of sectors, encompassing food and drink, consumer packaged goods, retail, automotive, construction materials, and paper and packaging. Eager to explore the ways in which you can leverage our resilient and adaptable shipping solutions?

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